Running's No.1 Personalised Print Designer
My Mission: Immortalise runners' achievements.
It’s late 2017 and my flatmate has just run the Reigate Half Marathon. “Goodwin, you’ll never guess what they’ve got at the finish line. The worst posters I’ve ever seen, and people are queuing to get one” he said. Knowing where this was going, “Give me one week” I replied... 
Racetrace was born. 
Providing runners with a way to present their achievements through unique personalised running maps. 
I created one-off prints, not posters. Each design was truly unique to each customer with their choice of illustrations to represent landmarks they’d passed on their way to achieving their goal of completing their run, ride or swim. Make that all three for the triathletes. 
• 1000 prints sold 
• 1000 achievemens celebrated 
• 1000 smiles activated 
• 1 very fulfilling self-startup
2018 – 2020
My Role: Creative Director & Owner
Format: Design-based Start-up
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