Project AiMY
Brief: Take a deep dive into a subject that interests you.
AiMY = Nike Air via Michael Jordan and Yeezy
BREAKING: A brain-altering gas is released from Nike Air pockets to positively affect customers’ moods by targeting their Amygdala in and around Nike shoes.
Project AiMY was exposed when a janitor discovered a dusty Air Force 1 shoebox buried deep within a store cupboard at Nike’s headquarters in Oregon. The box contained a confidential Nike Inc. progress report, dating from 2002, that details a top-secret test where chemicals are used to influence the way the public interacts with Nike Air products. 
... At least that’s what my faux conspiracy created for my University Final Major Project said. I started a work of fiction to reflect on the nature of modern advertising and marketing today. Is there more to retail therapy than meets the eye or nose?
1:1 final year grade (a ‘first’)
Completed as my final major project in my time at Cambridge School of Art.
My Role: Concept & Creative Designer (Student)
At: Cambridge School of Art
Format: University Final Major Project
How much do I like sneakers? Here's a snap of my University dissertation titled 'From Athletic Shoe to Fashion Statement: How has the Sneaker Developed a Culture of its own?'.
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