Brief: Flip the public perception of McDonald’s breakfasts.
Before this project, McDonald’s Breakfast was losing the trust of the public when compared to competitors like Greggs. The perception was that McDonald’s breakfasts were not made fresh in restaurants. The truth was to the contrary. 
We combatted this perception by combining humanist script typography and authentic ‘golden hour’ feeling photography and videography. 
This redesign laid solid foundations for free-flowing menu design. It all culminated in a unique design that can be seen frequently on the high street now.
• Simplified ordering breakfast for 1,000,000 people every morning
• In combination with lunch and evening menu redesigns, this new direction saw a core menu item sales uplift of 20%. Outperforming the projection of approximately 2.5%
• Trust in McDonald's restored
2016 – 2018
My Role: Designer & Art Director
With: The Marketing Store
Format: Internal & External Retail Campaign
Credits: Flatbread logo by Leo Burnett. Shot by Biggs Represents.

Shot Comp for Portrait Menu Board

Internal and External Digital Screens

Print Menu Board

Brief: Sell summer holiday heaven.
A modern, minimal, yet cheerful summery campaign that had a real standout on the McDonald's menu. I emphasised transporting the customer to a nondescript, perfectly tranquil sunbathing spot without a cloud in the sky, accompanied by a choice of their favourite McCafé ICED drinks.
My Role: Designer and Art Director
With: The Marketing Store
Format: Internal & External Retail Campaign
Credits: Hero drink logos by Leo Burnett.

External A1 Poster

Internal and External Digital Screens

Drive-thru banner

Aero McFlurry

Aero Cup Design

Brief: Aerodynamic.
I was challenged by McDonald’s to create contemporary digital and static posters to launch Aero and Peppermint Aero McFlurrys. The most challenging aspect of the development process was the limited assets available when working with the Aero brand elements. 
My role in this project covered the art direction of the motion pieces and design execution/oversight for print and static digital elements of the campaign collateral. The client hailed this set of designs, particularly the moving image, as the cleverest and most impactful visual they had ever seen for a McFlurry promotion. 
My Role: Lead Designer and Art Director
With: The Marketing Store
Format: Internal & External Retail Campaign
Credits: Shot by Myles New.

External Digital Screen

External A1 Poster

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