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My Goal: Get hits right here.
I created this landing page to gain exposure when networking. 
I later entered it in The Drum Chip Shop Awards 'Best Ad That Will Get You Hired' category. I was delighted to be nominated and invited to the award ceremony.
Not every day that you come across a portfolio featuring an award-nominated piece that is the portfolio.
Category: ​​​​​​​Best Ad That Will Get You Hired
Southern Strikers

Please excuse the low-quality image; it's the only evidence I have.

Southern trains are cancelled a hell of a lot. This could be down to driver shortages. They must be doing something else with their time... 10 pin Bowling? Queue
'Indeed' to sell an opportunity on the social perks of a job.
'Southern Strikers' - It's got a nice ring, anyway. Did you know that "Ride The Rail" is an actual term used in bowling to describe hitting the 1-pin on the right side and then the 3, 6 and 10 pins? Aptly, also known as "'picket' fence".
Category: Best Professional Service
With: The Marketing Store
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